How to Install Jekyll on Windows

1 从一个问题说起

"I have a jekyll blog on the github. The problem is after I updated my old post, committed and pushed it, the blog post doesn't show any changes, but I see that the commit has been pushed successfully."


2 如何在Windows上搭建Jekyll环境

a)下载Ruby installer for windows。
b) Ruby Development Kit。
c) gem install Jekyll。


详细过程参见:How to Install Jekyll on Windows

3 本地开启Jekyll

命令行下: Jekyll server ./ (github项目位于当前文件夹)

这个时候,出现了报错:“invalid byte sequence in GBK error jekyll”

怎么解决呢: 命令行下执行 chcp 65001,然后再执行Jekyll server ./即可。

参考文献: Jekyll 本地调试之若干问题

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